Making my website carbon aware

This week, I made my personal website ( "carbon aware". I wrote up a small page explaining what I'd done, and put it out into the world. Next minute, my site was getting more traffic that it normally sees in a month. The idea of carbon awareness on the web is something that seems to resonate with people, even if it might be very new.

This week, I'm doing something a bit different. Rather than dropping a whole post into your inbox, I'm going to link you back to my own site. There I've written up a short web page, and a longer more detailed post, explaining what I've done to make that site carbon aware. In that way, you might even get to experience what you're reading about.

Short page:
This page covers terminology, and implementation of carbon awareness on my website. It's the TL;DR version of the longer post below.

Long post:
Here, you'll get a tonne more context, background, and thoughts from me. I go through some examples of carbon-aware digital products, how I got the idea for adding carbon awareness to my site, how I went about doing it and what considerations I made, as well as a bit of future casting on how this could become more mainstream.

The next issue of Optimised will be in your inbox on February 17th. The website has an archive of all previous emails. It's a good place to recap on anything we've covered, and also handy to share with friends or colleagues. As always if you've got any feedback or specific topics you want to be covered then just reply to this email.

Keep safe, stay well.