#35 - Bits & pieces

It’s Lunar New Year here in Taiwan. I’m down in central Taiwan for a week of eating, visiting relatives, and more eating. So, this week’s newsletter will be a short one in which I’ll share with you some of my favourite web performance related content from the past year.

Before we get into it, though, I’d like to share a couple of things. Last week I launched aremythirdpartiesgreen.com, a website where you can check a web page to see what third-party resources it uses and how sustainable they are. Also, next week I’ll be speaking about web performance and sustainability at the Toronto Web Perf. Meetup. It’s online, and everyone is welcome to join!

(Video) Inclusive Design is Fast by Default / Simon Hearne #id24 2021
This talk by Simon Hearne at Inclusive Design 24 is a must watch. Simon highlights just how important web performance is when building an inclusive web, where low-end devices and poor connectivity can prevent some users from easily accessing vital information. The talk is aimed at designers, and is full of easily digestible web perf. nuggets.

Video Playback on Mobile Devices
As video becomes more and more prevalent on the web, ensuring that content is optimised becomes ever more important. This is especially true on mobile devices that may struggle to handle video playback. This article by Doug Sillars goes through some approaches you can take to deliver high-quality, yet well optimised video to mobile users.

How we reduced Next.js page size by 3.5x and achieved a 98 Lighthouse score
If you’ve got a site built with Next.js then this post is vital reading. The team at Papyrus go into detail about the steps they took to slash their page size, and in turn markedly improve their Lighthouse scores.

How to Convince Your Boss to Care About Speed
If you’re subscribed to this newsletter then I probably don’t need to convince you of the importance of web performance. But often managers and decision makers within a business need some persuasion before allocating resources and budget required to make web performance a priority.

An In-Depth Guide To Measuring Core Web Vitals
Finally, this incredibly detailed case study by Barry Pollard takes us on a Core Web Vitals improvement journey with Smashing Magazine. In it you’ll learn more than just the steps taken to improve Core Web Vitals on the Smashing site. The article also explains some Core Web Vitals nuance, where you can find Core Web Vitals data, and how you can account for a global audience.

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Keep well, stay safe.